Happy Hips & Joints
Happy Hips & Joints
Happy Hips & Joints

Happy Hips & Joints

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Our Happy Hips & joints therapeutic treats are made with real salmon and enhanced with natural ingredients to keep us cats pouncing, swatting and playing well into our golden years. These purr-worthy treats are powered by:

🐾  HEMP SEED PROTEIN & OIL: Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which strengthen your immune system.

🐾  HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN: An important protein which helps relieve arthritis pain.

🐾  OMEGA-3: Reduces inflammation.

1-2 treats per day. Treats should always be consumed under supervision and with access to water. To maintain freshness, store in a dry place and keep bag sealed.
Hydrolyzed Collagen 53mg, Hemp Seed Protein 26mg, Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil 26mg, Omega-3 19mg, Barley Flour, Oat Flour, Dehydrated Salmon, Brewer’s Yeast, Malt, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Cedar Smoke Flavour, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Mixed Tocopherols.


Customer Reviews

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Very good result

My nearly 15 year old cat whom I adopted from the spca nearly a year ago has had obvious walking issues as well as general issues moving since I got him. (His previous owner had him declawed on all four paws, which I believe also plays a significant role in causing him aches, pains and overall movement issues...) After about a week of him taking these treats I had seen positive results. He was moving easier, no longer struggling to reach his water bowl and simply seemed more comfortable over all.
After two weeks of taking these treats, he was running and playing from time to time. He still has his odd hobble and balance issues from missing the tips of his toes, but overall he seems happier and is more energetic.
At the time of this review, I've had him on these treats for two months and plan to keep him on them. They're worth it.
In regards to cats not liking the smell of these, my cat also does not like their smell (they have a very strong smell and quite frankly stink, so I don't blame him). He refuses to eat them whole or even when cut into smaller pieces and mixed in with his food. He would pick them out and eat everything else around them. In a last resort I began crumbling the treats on top of his food. The crumbling worked great and he eats them every time. I highly recommend this method for anyone having a hard time feeding their cats these treats.
As a side note: after having had such good results with my cat, my mother put her 10 year old great dane doberman on the canine version of these treats and has also seen positive improvements in his arthritis.

Happy Hips & Joints

My 3, 10 year boys, are on raw food and I was looking for an alternative to the shellfish (toxic) they use for in other treats Glucosamine. 2 out 3 of my boys go crazy over the these treats. One boy who loves them has polycythemia so I need I to make sure the ingredients are healthy. So very pleased with all 3 types of these local natural treats. They appear to be helping with joint issues that bigger boy has. Thanks!
Note: This product doesn't use Kokumi, Corn, Pyrophosphate, Propylene glycol, putrescine and cadaverine that other processed foods use to make cat food additive.

Cat’s not a fan of the taste

I gave my cat one of these treats, and she immediately spit it out. Same result each time I’ve tried since. This chubby kitty loves food and treats, so I was really surprised. I’d never seen her turn down food. I bought a cheaper, similar product to see what she’d do, and she can’t get enough of them. It’s likely just her preference, although I’m now seeing a lot of similar reviews. The product and packaging seem good quality, and they arrived quickly, but didn’t work for us.

Tammy Dekoster
Treats smell bad

My cat will not eat the happy hips treats because they smell bad and she does not like salmon. My suggestion is to try to make them with tuna. My cat loves tuna. I'll be the first to try

D’Arcey Cuddy
My Cat Will NOT Eat These Treats

Unfortunately when I try to give my cat his daily treats, he sniffs them and then turns his nose up at them. They do smell really bad too.

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