Stress & Anxiety Buster Dog Treat Trio
Stress & Anxiety Buster Dog Treat Trio
Stress & Anxiety Buster Dog Treat Trio
Stress & Anxiety Buster Dog Treat Trio

Stress & Anxiety Buster Dog Treat Trio

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Our Stress & Anxiety Buster therapeutic treats are made with real chicken and enhanced with natural ingredients to help relax nervous and excitable pooches, and lend a calming hand in stressful situations like car rides and visits to the vet. These oh-so-serene snacks feature:

🐾  HEMP SEED PROTEIN & OIL: Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which strengthen your immune system.

🐾  CHAMOMILE EXTRACT: Can help reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

🐾  L-THEANINE: Found in tea leaves, this amino acid promotes relaxation.


Customer Reviews

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Stress and anxiety buster & Every day health boost

Kobi absolutely loves these treats!!! The Stress and anxiety buster actually really helps with relaxing and calming him down! The Every day health boost does exactly what it says! Lol we will have to go easy on those as he’s still young and has all the energy he needs!!! We give these treats a 10/10 🫶🏼

Geraldine O’Quinn
Stress and anxiety buster

He won’t eat them. He turns away or spits them out.
Not for us I guess

Eric Bilodeau
Less stress and better sleep for puppies

We love this product, we give one each to both our dogs before we leave home and before bed. Wonderful treats for our pets and great sleep for us dur parents

Elke Schlichte
In Love

Our Maple loves your treats.

Karen Fitzsimmons
Cool & calm

Our poor pooch, Bentley, is TERRIFIED of thunder, fireworks, car back firing, motorcycles, etc. He loved the car until our family accident. We use your ‘Stress and Anxiety Buster’ treats and they work wonderfully to calm him throughout any ordeal. I’ve shared a package with our “cousin pup”, Lucy for her long car trips. She’s having great success too!

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